Women in Iberian Cinema

The symposium “Women in Iberian Cinema” was held on September 11-12, 2017. It was attended by Portuguese and international researchers that discussed and presented studies on the place of women in the cinemas of Portugal and Spain, through a review of feminist and post-feminist theory.

Keynote Speakers
Hilary Owen (University of Oxford / University of Manchester, UK) – “Monsters, Mutants and Maternity: The Politics of the Posthuman in the Cinema of Teresa Villaverde, Solveig Nordlund and Raquel Freire“;
Begoña Soto Vázquez (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain) – “Superar el pionerismo. Algunos datos y relatos posibles sobre la contribución de las mujeres al cine mudo español“.

PDF do Programa

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